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Annual Shinto Ceremony Honoring Our Animals

As part of our Animal Welfare Month, we held our annual Shinto ceremony this week. Shinto is a traditional Japanese service that gives thanks to the animals in our care. This ceremony ultimately serves as a reminder for all of us that working with the...

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SNBL USA is Going Green!

Laboratories in the U.S. are energy-intensive facilities that use anywhere from 30 to 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and 75,000 to 800,000 BTU of natural gas per square foot annually. Because laboratories consume so many resources, the potential for savings...

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Gestation Length in Cynomolgus Monkeys – Comparison Between Single-Housed and Socially-Housed Animals – Updated Historical Control Data of Embryo-Fetal Loss and Stillbirth Ratio

  Embryo-fetal loss data (EFL, between gestation day [GD] 20 and 140) and stillbirth (SB, after GD140) were compared in the Cynomolgus monkey model between our “old” historical control data, obtained from 18 pre- and post-natal developmental (PPND) studies (N=341...

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The Animal Rule

The regulations that set forth the pathway for approval of these products under 21 CFR 314.600 (drugs) or 21 CFR 601.90 (biological products) are commonly referred to as the Animal Rule.

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Usability of In Vivo Imaging System

Usability of In Vivo Imaging System to Detect Biodistribution of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Mice In Vivo Imaging System (IVIS) can visualize the localization of transplanted cells in whole animal bodies or organs by labeling the cells with fluorescence. Although...

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