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SNBL Global

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd. (SNBL)

  • Headquarters
  • Onsite Pathology Lab

SNBL Drug Safety Research Laboratories (SNBL DSR)

  • Full Spectrum of Preclinical Services and Supporting Services
  • Wide Range of Test Systems
  • Rapid Study Initiation
  • World-Class Facilities with Over 50 Years of Experience
  • Infectious Agent Studies Available in Separate BSL-3 Building
  • AAALAC-accredited

SNBL Japan, Ibusuki
Ibusuki City, Kagoshima

  • NHP Stock Colony
  • High Quality Care and Nourishment
  • AAALAC-accredited

United States


You are currently viewing SNBL USA


  • CRO Specializing in NHP Research
  • Safety Assessment Services in Multiple Species
  • Exploratory Research Models
  • Radiation Biology & ARS Specialists
  • Leaders in NHP DART/Juvenile Toxicology
  • Anatomic/Clinical Pathology Services
  • Bioanalytical/Analytical Capabilities
  • NHP Supply Chain Ownership
  • AAALAC-accredited & PHS OLAW Assurance

SNBL USA Scientific Resource Center (SNBL USA SRC)

  • NHP International Quarantine
  • Breeding and Boarding Services
  • AAALAC-accredited
  • USDA Registered and CDC Licensed

SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center, Inc

  • Phase I/IIa Complex Clinical Pharmacology Research
  • 96-Bed Inpatient Facility
  • Robust Participant Recruitment Database; Including Special Populations
  • Broad Range of Trial Types

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Fully owned by SNBL


SNBL Cambodia

  • Breeds Cambodian Origin Macaca fascicularis
  • High Quality, Readily Available Primates
  • Closed Colony Primates
  • Consistent Veterinary Care
  • AAALAC-accredited

SNBL China

  • NHP Breeding and Quarantine Facility
  • High Quality Care and Nourishment
  • Viral Testing On Site
  • AAALAC-accredited

More about Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories

Our international footprint enables us to meet the research needs of clients around the globe. We are committed to providing our customers with fast and precise results across the entire drug development spectrum, from early discovery research to late-stage clinical trials. The SNBL team is dedicated as a company and as individuals in working with our clients to improve patient care and treatment outcomes. This is a cornerstone in our drive for excellence across all aspects of our business.