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Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology

SNBL USA is an industry leader in the conduct of NHP Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART) studies under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) for Nonclinical Laboratory Studies. Program infrastructure, experience and readily available animals enable us to quickly initiate these specialized studies.


Dedicated colony of sexually mature, healthy cynomolgus females

Experienced DART scientists/study directors

Industry-leading low spontaneous embryo-fetal loss rate

Historical background data spanning 15 years

Immunotoxicology assessments including: clinical pathology, lymphocyte immunophenotyping and TDAR

Innovative NHP procedure caging system utilized to minimize stress


Study direction team has over 35+ years of combined experience directing NHP DART studies

Supervisory technician team averages 10+ years of experience managing NHP DART studies

50+ NHP DART studies conducted to date, including

ePPND or EFD/PPND combination studies
Stand-alone EFD studies
Repeat dose studies with fertility endpoints

Semen analysis
Menstrual Cyclicity
Histopathology of reproductive organs

Study Designs

The following studies are available at SNBL USA in cynomolgus monkeys, and can be conducted in combination with specialized immunology endpoints/analysis:

Female/male fertility endpoint assessments in general toxicology studies
Embryo-fetal development (EFD) studies

Pre- and postnatal study (PPND/ePPND) studies; with group housing configuration options

Placental transfer studies
Milk transfer studies


In collaboration with our in-house clinical pathology, immunotoxicology and histopathology teams, we are able to customize DART protocols to suit your needs.

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