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Touted as a ‘single-source reference for the use of animal models in toxicology’ and edited by Shayne Cox Gad, PhD, DABT, this comprehensive reference addresses multiple, established animal models used in research and preclinical drug development, as well as lesser known species, and associated husbandry and anatomic pathology. Additional sections cover model selection and allometric scaling, clinical pathology, specialized procedures, immunology, and the various laws, regulations, and guidelines for animal care and use in research.

Some of our own SNBL USA team members took part in the production of this newest edition. Mark D. Walker, DVM, along with his colleague Michael V. Templin, PhD, DABT (SNBL USA Technical Directors) authored Chapter 9, “Primates,” working with Stewart B. Jacobson, DVM, DACVP (SNBL USA Director of Pathology), and John C. Bernal (Texas Biomedical Research Institute). This chapter reviews the primary species of nonhuman primates in preclinical research, as well as husbandry, veterinary care, regulatory considerations, and the primary areas of specialized toxicology in these species. Additional information is provided for consideration regarding drug metabolism (Christopher J. Kemper).

SNBL USA is proud to be an industry leader in primate research, and this publication is another indication that we continue to provide valuable information to assist our clients and colleagues in this critical field to help advance drug development. 

To obtain your own copy of the newest edition of “Animals in Toxicology,” visit:  Animal Models in Toxicolocy

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