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Laboratories in the U.S. are energy-intensive facilities that use anywhere from 30 to 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and 75,000 to 800,000 BTU of natural gas per square foot annually. Because laboratories consume so many resources, the potential for savings through energy-efficiency improvements and conservation is impressive. Some studies estimate that implementing such measures can result in an an annual savings as high as 50 percent for laboratories and clean-room facilities.

Panoramic View of the SNBL USA Everett Facility

SNBL USA Everett WA campus

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, SNBL USA is part of an eco-friendly community that is consciously motivated to reduce its energy footprint in an effort to pass on a clean and safe environment to future generations. In alignment with this goal, we are proud to announce that SNBL USA is investing in an ambitious energy efficiency project that will achieve significant conservation of energy resources by implementing new cooling, heating and Kelvin LED lighting solutions throughout our entire facility. Furthermore, our new system will exceed USDA requirements for reducing maximum volatile organic compound (VOC) levels in habitat rooms, making us one of the cleanest laboratories in the world. With a scheduled investment of over $4 million on this upgrade, we demonstrate our continued commitment to provide our clients, test systems and team with state-of-the-art, socially-conscious improvements in order to be at the forefront of our business. Check back at or follow us on LinkedIn for progress on our energy conservation efforts and more innovative programs at SNBL USA that will lead to a healthier planet for all of us.