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SNBL USA, contract research organization and the leader in NHP experience and expertise, today announced it has received an official report from the USDA regarding its most recent inspection of SNBL USA. The USDA Inspection Report concluded that there were “no non-compliant items” identified during the inspection.On January 26, 2012 two Veterinary Medical Officers (VMOs) from USDA-Aphis-Animal Care visited the SNBL USA facility in Everett, WA. The purpose of their visit was to assess our animal care program, specifically in response to a complaint filed with their office. The VMOs interviewed key staff members, reviewed documents and toured our facility to evaluate our veterinary care, research procedures, environmental enrichment program and IACUC/management oversight of the program. The officers found nothing to support the allegations in the complaint and found no non-compliant items during their review of our animal care program. We received their official report today.

“We appreciate the thorough and objective assessment of our program by the USDA,” said David Reim, DVM, MS, DACLAM, SNBL USA Director of Laboratory Animal Resources. “As all SNBL USA team members respect the value of life and consider the humane and appropriate care of all animals in our charge the highest priority, our rigorous animal care program and compassionate and experienced team members ensure that we maintain our compliance status at all times. In turn this program is operated and maintained to assure clients and our community that we take our animal care responsibilities seriously.”