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During the entire month of July everyone @ SNBL USA (and we do mean everyone!) will have an opportunity to engage with our enrichment, husbandry and scientific services teams to revisit and reinforce the importance compassion and adherence to regulatory guidelines. Our entire team is always focused on Animal Welfare and Enrichment and this annual event reinforces our personal commitment to exceptional animal care practices. There are a number of learning experiences available to all team members, even those who do not interact with the animals directly. We believe that a collective experience is the best possible way to galvanize our team around theĀ  importance of what we do and how we do it.

Anial Welfare - Compassionate Animal Research Every Day

Hats off to our Enrichment and Husbandry teams at SNBL USA and SNBL USA SRC. Your dedication and commitment to the care of our animals reminds us that this is a privilege not a right, and we are a better company for having such a dedicated staff.