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Behavioral management is an integral part of non-human primate welfare. In order to provide optimal psychological care, our program was enhanced to better monitor the development of behavioral abnormalities as well as better track existing behavioral cases. Changes to the program included: Implementation of an electronic data management system; Refining abnormal behavior definitions and observation techniques; Retraining of vivarium staff; Placing notification tags on cages of animals under treatment

In order to ensure adequate behavioral observation of all animals, behavioral monitoring for all non-human primates (NHPs) was initiated. In order to quickly assess the animals a new electronic data management system was created. This new system interacts with our Animal Records Tracking System (ARTS). The combination of the two programs allows up to the minute animal locations as well as automatically updates the animal’s electronic record. Additionally, both the behavioral monitoring and ARTS program now allow staff to run a report of animals deemed to have moderate or severe conditions as well as track locations and interventions for animals under behavioral care which results in better overall case management.

While this is not a verified system, this method allows for tracking of behavioral abnormalities throughout the colony.

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M.B. Sarnowski¹, K. Kraszewski¹,  J. Williams¹, T. Arnold¹, G. De Los Santos1, B. Bernacky¹, S. Glaza¹, R. Nagata²

¹SNBL USA, Ltd., Everett, WA, USA;  ²Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan